About Us

You have a vision.  We make it Reality.

Off World Enterprise is a full-service marketing and business development firm dedicated to championing new ideas and bringing them to life.  We understand the passion and tremendous risk it takes to be an entrepreneur, and we offer a variety of services to help great new businesses, campaigns, organizations and works of art move from Vision to Reality.  

Founded by former Lionsgate Marketing VP Owen Ward, Off World Enterprise is backed by years of experience to tailor services to match your core values.  We understand that any website, flyer, television ad or social media campaign is an extension of your passion, and we ensure all channels speak to that passion.  We also have experience and success in a variety of different fields and a variety of platforms, allowing us a broad range of knowledge to draw upon when building your campaign.  

But most importantly, Off World Enterprise was built as an entrepreneurial venture and we know what you are going through, and what it takes.  Let us be your partner in making your Vision a Reality.

IMG_1693_REV_SMALL.jpgOwen Ward
President/ Owner

Owen Ward founded Off World Enterprise in 2011 after watching many turn to entrepreneurship following massive layoffs from the Great Recession.  Through his experience as Vice President, Theatrical Marketing for Lionsgate, he realized many marketing strategies and tools available to big companies could also be available to these new ventures, and set out to create a space where entrepreneurship could flourish.  Working with business, entertainment, non-profit, government and political clients to develop and execute powerful marketing campaigns, he has supported political candidates to victory, launched highly successful business ventures and helped raise over $100,000 for clients in crowdfunding campaigns. 

Owen also serves as Vice Chair, Government Affairs for the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, guiding the organization's discussions on important local business issues such as minimum wage increases, shared economy advancements such as Uber and AirBNB, and development.  

Owen received a BA in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Cinema-Television from the University of Southern California.