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"I have big dreams for my business, and Off World Entertainment got me on track to see these dreams happen.  

Hiring Owen Ward and Off World Entertainment for a Brand Assessment helped me get a clear picture of my whole business, and market directly to the target audience who is buying my most lucrative products.  They helped me focus the creative process on my new website as well, so I know my money went to creating a valuable tool that will work for me for years to come.  Owen Ward and Off World Entertainment opened doors for me I couldn't have opened on my own."

-Patricia Lynn Laas at Marco Pelusi Studios



 "Off World Entertainment brought incredible value to Cycle House.  

We consulted them for several objectives: increasing our social media presence, understanding how to best build our brand, and ideas for ‘on the ground’ marketing tactics to get customers through our doors. Their ideas were helpful and extremely effective.

Owen Ward and Off World Entertainment have a wealth of knowledge in the field of marketing and they know how to apply that knowledge in extremely effective ways."

Adam Gillman/ Cycle House/



"Thanks Owen for making my Nation happen!

facebookbadge1.pngYour expertise and your willingness to work with me are much appreciated. My website now has the potential to make things happen and I owe it all to you! Thanks again for your patience and willingness to go the extra mile!"

Kim Green Foster/ Author, Hallucination/